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(Disclaimer:  The following article will talk about some graphic things in the use of the knife.  Children under 18 should get parental permission to read the article and to have a healthy discussion about the article) Buy Ambien Without Prescription, At Dragon Camp 2010, one of the things the campers got to work on, was a “biggest fears” workout.  I think their results reflect what many of us feel.  An overwhelming number of them said that their biggest fear was a knife attack.  For good reason too, the knife can inflict a lot of damage very quickly.  They are easy to conceal and you don’t need to worry about it misfiring or jamming up and it never runs out of ammo.  In law enforcement, study of the knife and it’s dangers have resulted in what is called the “21 foot rule”.  Basically, this idea is that a knife attacker within 21 feet can close the distance and start stabbing you before a trained officer can draw his firearm and stop the attack.  LEO’s are taught that if an attacker is within that 21 foot gap to shoot immediately and not wait because there isn’t time. Let’s take a look at the knife and it’s parts and also some basic methods that it is used.  Most obviously, Ambien class, Is Ambien addictive, there is the blade of the knife.  The blade comes in various lengths and also different kinds of edges.  A single edged blade has a cutting edge on only one side of the blade, whereas a double edged blade (illegal in Michigan) has cutting edges on both sides of the blade.  Some knives have a small area on top of the blade that is a cutting edge and creates a sharper point that will go into an object better.  Other knives have what is called a serrated edge, Ambien recreational, Ambien brand name, which is a section of small teeth much like a saw blade that aids in cutting.  Next there is the handle of the knife.  Depending on the size of the knife, the bottom part of the knife (called the butt) can be used as a striking weapon as well.  It would be used the same way as our hammerfist and using the knife as an impact weapon.  The spine of the knife is the larger part of the back that gives the blade it’s sturdiness so the blade doesn’t flex too much.  The bolster is like the name sounds, online Ambien without a prescription, Australia, uk, us, usa, it is a thicker part of the blade to bolster, or increase, real brand Ambien online, Where can i buy Ambien online, the blade strength.  The tang refers to the portion of the blade that rests in the handle.  A full tang is one in which the knife handles attach to the blade and it is one solid piece (full tang is what is pictured).  A half tang, is one in which the blade is inserted into the handle but does not extend all the way through.  A full tang has more strength to it (when working with swords, where can i cheapest Ambien online, Ambien canada, mexico, india, a full tang will also have better balance). There are various ways to hold the knife also.  The three most common ways are: Ice pick grip:  Hold the knife with the blade pointed down and your thumb on top to prevent your hand from slipping down (although many people just wrap the thumb around the fingers)  just like a sanchin fist, buy Ambien from mexico, Effects of Ambien, except you are holding the knife.  This grip was made famous by the movie “Psycho”.  Although, a downward stab isn’t the only use of this grip. Hammer grip:  Hold the knife just as you would a hammer.  The thumb is wrapped around the fingers while holding the knife with the blade pointed up.  This is probably the most common grip used. Saber grip:  Similar to the hammer grip, Ambien without a prescription, Order Ambien no prescription, except the thumb kept straight and rests along the back edge of the handle or blade.  Again, very similar to the sanchin fist and it’s use of the thumb.  The blade is pointed upwards. Alright we are working our way through things now that we know what some parts are and how to hold it.  Next we will look at ways in which to use the blade, buy generic Ambien. Ambien over the counter, Stab: using the tip of the knife to pierce into an object.  The stab can be a downward motion or a straight in thrust. Slash:  using the edge of the knife to cut/slice into an object attempting to make a long line/cut on the surface. Flick:  using the tip of the knife to cut and knick surface wounds onto the hands/arms as a distraction to get to the body. Hack: using the whole edge of the knife to chop through an object.  Think of a machete chopping through branches and brush. Fillet: using the edge of the knife to cut through muscle and follow the bone.  Same idea as filleting a fish. To think of how an attack may come in think of a clock or a compass.  You have north to south, south to north, Ambien from canada, Ordering Ambien online, east to west and west to east.  Then you have the diagonals of NE/SW and SE/NW and the reverses.  Or, if you prefer of a clock, purchase Ambien online, Where can i order Ambien without prescription, think of 12, 1:30, Ambien use, Ambien dosage, 3, 4:30, Ambien gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Ambien used for, 6, 7:30, Ambien description, Purchase Ambien for sale, 9, 10:30 (again the ups and downs of the line).  Then you have a low, buy Ambien online no prescription, Ambien alternatives, middle, and high thrust to your body (think bladder, is Ambien safe, Real brand Ambien online, stomach, head).  Just like our star step, low dose Ambien, Is Ambien addictive, we could divide those primary angles into an infinite amount of degrees, but they will all be a variation of those primary 8 directions, after Ambien. Fast shipping Ambien, Now that we have the preliminaries out of the way on the parts of the knife and how to use it, let’s take a quick look at a couple of “knife myths”, Ambien street price. You can tell if a person is experienced or not by how they hold the knife.  Unless they are holding the blade and trying to stab you with the handle, you can’t tell what a person knows by how they are holding it.  There are many different ways to use the knife and each are valid if they are practiced.  For example, some may prefer to keep the knife in their hand farthest from you and use the lead hand to grab or obstruct your hands/arms to be able to get you.  Others may use the knife in their lead hand and use it like a boxer’s jab.  Even grip is not an indication of skill, Buy Ambien Without Prescription. Ambien interactions,   Some people may utilize the ice pick grip and have the blade run along their forearm and use slashing cuts close in, instead of only using it an overhead “Psycho” attack. If they have a knife, Ambien dose, Ambien use, I will just shoot them.  Law Enforcement has conducted studies on the use of a knife and have found that when a knife attacker is within 21 feet, he will be able to close that distance and stab you before you can draw your sidearm and shoot him.  That doesn’t even take into account a concealed handgun that you have to move clothing out of the way to get to it in the first place.  Also, no prescription Ambien online, Comprar en línea Ambien, comprar Ambien baratos, do you take your handgun with you at all times?  What happens if you are in a very crowded place?  What happens when they are already very close when you see it and have to act RIGHT THEN? Knife Throwing. I have been asked about knife throwing and it is a crap shoot at best.  When you watch a performer throwing a knife at someone they know the EXACT distance the target is from them and know how many rotations the knife has to do in the air to hit with the tip and not the butt of the knife.  When you are moving around and changing the distancing and someone throws a knife at BEST they have a 50/50 shot of hitting you with the point.  That is not taking into account the ability to hit a live moving target in the first place AND getting the proper rotation amount (think about why the shuriken has lots of points, it’s so at any point of the rotation it has an edge to stick with). With all of this information floating around in our brains, let’s put together a plan of action to help increase our awareness and knowledge to deal with a knife attack. Drill 1: Practice the ancient art of “Nike-Ryu”.  Yep, you guessed it RUN!!. How fast can you run?  How far can you run as fast as you can?  When sprinting in top shape you can get about 400-800 meters (once or twice around a track) Now practice running and zigzagging and putting objects in your way to buy you space and time.  This should be your number one option, but like anything else it has to be practiced. Drill 2a: Buy Ambien Without Prescription, Practice using low level kicks to keep out of arm’s reach.  I picked up a double end bag from a local sporting goods store and got a couple of bungee cords and hung it from my basement ceiling at about knee height.  When you kick the bag, it moves and bounces around erratically making it difficult to hit.  This drill will help you train hitting a small moving target like a knee. Use your basic ni, ku and instep kicks.  Also, we are going to practice a new kick for some of you.  Stand in your basic stance and now picture your partner as standing directly to your side.  Lift your knee and thrust out using the knife edge of your foot to their knee.  This kick is great because you have turned your body to the side to limit the targets presented to your partner. Drill 2b: Actually practice with a partner (with control and accuracy) having them try to “stab” or “cut” you with their fingers (using a marker is good to so you can see the marks left), your job is to use the kicks at low level to keep them at bay while looking for a chance to escape. Side Note:  By keeping the kicks at knee level it becomes harder for them to try and stab/cut your leg.  If you attempt a kick at hip level, it is easier to attack your leg with the knife. These two drills are designed with escape in mind, and to train how to buy us a little time until we can get away safely. Drill 3: Designed when the person is slashing in at our neck/face area.  We want to utilize our Sanchin-Ichi techniques and perform a sanchin arm wrap.  This effectively traps the arm and puts the blade out of harm’s way for us (For an example of this, go to the Hand to Hand Category and watch the video “Move in and Tie up” done by Chief Instructors Joe and Ben Dearman).  After the arm trap, work through some options for yourself based on different situations.  Is it a drunk family member who got mad at us and we just need to control and calm them down?  Is it a criminal trying to take our life?  We have to have preplanned options once we get the arm trapped because like CGM Dearman always says it’s like grabbing a tiger, you can’t keep holding on and you can’t let go. Drill 4: Designed when the person is slashing in at our face/neck area, but we don’t have the height/angle to get our arm around to wrap it up.  Move into the attacker and use our Sanchin-Ni to strike the incoming arm with our double instep strikes.  Then strike into the side of the neck with a right shuto and try to control the attacking arm with our left hand.  We want to try and get the arm under our left armpit and secured so we can’t be cut/stabbed.  Again, practice takedowns and finishing moves from this position based on different scenarios. Drills 3 and 4 are designed when we can’t move away or can’t leave safely and HAVE to deal with the attack right then and there.  In these two cases, you see that we are moving into our attacker and then neutralizing the threat by controlling the person. Practice these drills and practice them without an attacker with a knife.  We can use the same ideas empty handed, hmmm CGM Dearman has always told us that true technique will work in any situation.  So there is a good litmus test as you practice and come up with other ideas.  Will it work against an empty handed attack?  Will it work if someone is holding a knife?  Be realistic with your training and approach, stick to basic ideas that you are comfortable with and then grab a partner and work on some of those ideas and find out what works and what doesn’t work.  When something doesn’t work, figure out “why”, just don’t throw it out altogether.  Now for your homework, I gave you a couple of drills based on somebody slashing at us with their right hand coming down towards the left side of our face/neck area.  What if they are stabbing at us to the neck?  What if it is to the midsection?  What if they miss and do a backhand slash at us with the return motion?  Remember, keep it realistic of how YOU would actually use a knife. 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