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Tuesday, August 28th, 2007 by

The Sanchin-Ryu Dojo Recap Episode 10: Back to Basics

Download this Episode. Masters of Sanchin-Ryu discuss the weeks activities in the Art of Sanchin-Ryu and answer questions Sanchinkas have posted on the Sanchin-Ryu Dojo Website! This week we’re looking at three exercises that has received a lot of feedback on the Dojo. Masters featured in this episode: District Master Jake Biernacki and Master Jamie […]

. . Basic Fundamentals . White Belt (Beginner)

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007 by

Back to Basics: Ni Kick with a Partner

Download this Episode! In part two of the Back to Basics Series we again take a look at a beginning fundamental that is always in need of a little attention. The exercise demonstrates a simple way to improve Basic Ni (Snap-Kick) with the help of a partner. This video was filmed at the Mill Pond […]

. . . . Basic Fundamentals . Orange Belt

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007 by

Video Exercise: Simple Steps to Stance

Download this Episode! Last weeks video of Chief Instructor Dearman has sparked many questions about Sanchin Stance, primarily how can we better use it?! This exercise offers a few simple ways to get the most out of Sanchin Stance while still being mobile and flexible. [flv: 420 280] Last weeks video of Chief Instructor Dearman […]

. . . . . Stance . White Belt (Beginner)