March 1st, 2010

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[caption id="attachment_1106" align="alignnone" width="220" caption="Figure 1: Use the wall as a weapon"]Use the wall as a weapon[/caption]

Serax For Sale, If your heart flutters at the thought of being attacked against a wall, you're not alone. In fact, this "gut" feeling is a good thing, taking Serax. Anything designed to keep you safe is positive, Serax no rx, with moderation (more on that later). It doesn't take an expert to see some of the inherent dangers of being pinned against a wall. Click here to jump straight to the video demonstration. Be sure to login first, online buying Serax.

    Against the wall; Cons:

  • Limited mobility makes your movements easier to predict.

  • The wall can be used as a surface to strike you against.

  • You could loose your balance and fall into the wall.

  • Limited escape routes for you.

Once again, if the thought of any of the above make your skin crawl, good, Serax For Sale. These emotions indicate that you are a normal human-being. Serax pictures, However, as useful as these emotions can be, they can also work against us, effects of Serax. When little hope is at sight, Buy Serax without prescription, a form of paralysis can overtake us, rendering necessary actions unavailable to us. Is there a way to prevent this, purchase Serax. Serax For Sale, Yes, perhaps contemplating what motivates a person to spend 20-60 years studying Sanchin-Ryu or any other form of karate is good place to start. :)

Step 1: Look at the bright side

Now that we've looked at the negative parts of the scope. Buy Serax no prescription, Let's now direct our focus to what we can do. It's first important to note that the list of benefits that the attacker has are also yours. Any of the above work as a two-way street does, buy Serax without a prescription. In fact let's go ahead and use the same exact list to point out the Pros of being backed-up against a wall:

    Against the wall; Pros:

  • Limited mobility makes the attacker's movements easier to predict.

  • The wall can be used as a surface to strike the attacker against.

  • The attacker could loose his or her balance and fall into the wall.

  • Limited escape routes for the attacker.

Amazing, Serax For Sale. Notice how all of those fearful thoughts just got tossed to the wayside. Australia, uk, us, usa, Why is that?. You've put yourself in control, being "in the driver's seat" is a powerful state of mind, where can i cheapest Serax online.

Step 2: Hands Up and Stance

[caption id="attachment_1107" align="alignnone" width="220" caption="Figure 2: Present a "fence" to the attacker. Extend one arm three/quarters and the other one/quarter."]Present a "fence" to the attacker[/caption]

Serax For Sale, Notice in figure 2 how innocent I look. Serax from canadian pharmacy, This is not by accident. I've placed open hands out, showing my hands to my opponent, Serax mg. This is a physical expression of my desire to avoid this confrontation. My Serax experience, This type of body language is essential to keeping the peace. However, while I am showing that I don't want to fight, Serax For Sale. I am also taking a strong posture, both with my upper and lower body, order Serax online c.o.d. Not shown is the Seisan stance (heel-toe) I've taken. Where can i cheapest Serax online, Also, notice how one arm is extended further that the other. This enables me to create the necessary amount of distance I need to react (or more appropriately, buy Serax online cod, act ) when an attack is initiated. Serax For Sale, Extend one arm three-quarters and the other one-quarter. Low dose Serax, Note that your feet should be in a similar arrangement as the hands. Because of the wall behind us, it's important to do the following:

  • Find the wall (by touch).

  • "Bump"-out about 6-10 inches into stance.

This gives us enough distance to pull angles on either side of our body, generic Serax. It also helps us to keep track of where the wall is, Serax use, essential to the following steps.

Step 3: Incoming!

[caption id="attachment_1129" align="alignnone" width="220" caption="Figure 3: The attacker tries to move your leading hand out of his way. Quickly set-up for figure 4."]Fence being breached[/caption]

We've done everything we can to stop the fight, but the opponent isn't having it, Serax For Sale. He's initiating an attack, buying Serax online over the counter. If you've put your "fence" up properly, Where can i find Serax online, he will either have to throw a long punch (to cover more distance) or we'll have to slap my leading hand out of the way to try to get in-close (Note: I'm taking artistic liberties with this over-simplification, there are more than two things our opponent could do. I just find these two common in ego-driven attacks.), Serax used for. In figure 3 I'm countering the attackers attempt to get close. Serax For Sale, The video at the bottom of the page shows how this could work with an incoming punch as well. Buy no prescription Serax online,

Step 4: Take control

[caption id="attachment_1109" align="alignnone" width="220" caption="Figure 4: Now extend your "interior" hand. Strike with the elbow and grab opponent's collar"]Now extend your "interior" hand. Strike with the elbow and grab opponent's collar[/caption]

If everything has gone according to plan, online Serax without a prescription, we're set to start our throw. Buy cheap Serax no rx, First, we need to make sure we have control over our opponent's center. With control, quickly move the opponent's aggressive arm to the side, Serax For Sale. Simultaneously throw an elbow with your free arm, Serax from canadian pharmacy, securing a sanchin-fist on the attacker's collar. After Serax,

Step 5: Tight-L Stance

[caption id="attachment_1113" align="alignnone" width="220" caption="Figure 6: Tight-L Stance"]Figure 6: Tight-L Stance[/caption]

In comes a stance you probably haven't payed much attention to: Tight-L. We're going to use this stance as a means to conserve space (because the wall has allowed us very little). To get into this position, online buying Serax, simply move your back foot up, Cheap Serax no rx, connecting that foot's instep to the front legs heel.

Step 6: Turn your hips 90 degrees

[caption id="attachment_1111" align="alignnone" width="220" caption="Figure 7: Tight-L after 90 degree turn"]Figure 7: Tight-L after 90 degree turn[/caption]

Serax For Sale, Here comes the big splash. There is a little void you created when you changed into the Tight-L. Fill-it with your opponent, Serax australia, uk, us, usa. To do this, Where can i buy Serax online, turn your hips 90 degrees while moving your shoulders even further.

Step 7: End Result

[caption id="attachment_1112" align="alignnone" width="220" caption="Figure 8: End Result"]Figure 8: End Result[/caption]

Pow. Bang, Serax For Sale. Boom, Serax no prescription. Insert what ever sound effect you like here. Buy Serax from canada, If we've done all (or most) of the steps correctly, we've just used the wall as a weapon. Notice how in figure 8 I have my opponent locked against the wall, order Serax from United States pharmacy. Serax For Sale, This is not necessary, but is a good way to make sure you keep the control you just earned.

Special Thanks

This exercise took place at the western Jackson Sanchin-Ryu Karate class. Serax dose, I had the opportunity to visit the class last week with Master Ben Dearman, Jake Biernacki and Jamie Thompson. We had a great time, Serax natural. Western class is held at Bean Elementary in Parma, Serax recreational, Michigan and is instructed by Master Dave Shruga. If you're looking for a good mix of beginners and advanced students, western has it, Serax For Sale. For more information about the Western Jackson class, feel free to contact us, no prescription Serax online.

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This exercise inspires thought in many areas for me. Serax pharmacy, Here are some places to go to keep going with these thoughts. This one is a must see. District Master Jake Biernacki and District Master Jamie Thompson discuss a topic very similar to this one: San-Ju trip and more from the chair Serax For Sale, . Chief Instructor Cataline's video: "Campout Highlights: Basics of Hand-to-Hand" from last years Weekend Campout is a good source for hand-to-hand inspiration. If you're looking for more advanced ways to get your opponent under control, check out: "Hand-to-Hand Tip: Move-in and Tie-up".

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See it all in action, watch the video now!

How a little stance can turn into something big[flv: 620 340].

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