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Spring Workshops 2012 Summary

Two Workshops for a very low price!

Spring Workshops are broken into two parts. Part one in April, part two in May. Learn exactly what you need to know to level-up! Look for your belt-ranking below for more details!

  • White & Orange Belt Ranks: 15 advanced techniques demonstrated and question and answer forum with high-level instructors. C.B.A.s (Combined basics advanced) will also be instructed with simple explanation.
  • Green Belt Ranks: The first three forms, Sanchin-Ichi, Sanchin-Ni and Naihanchi will be taught with clear and concise instruction. Also, green belts will learn more about the inner-workings of the forms, including opponent placement in the forms.
  • Purple Belt Ranks: Wansu, Geri and Seiu forms will be the focus for these two workshops. Many examples of form usage in kumite will be explored. Advanced C.B.A. training will also be given.
  • Brown Belt Ranks: Advanced form training. Many of the forms will be examined by master-level instructors. Focus will be on hand-to-hand derived from forms. Seiu-San, Kikato-Hiza and Empi-Uraken forms will also be instructed.
  • Black Belt Ranks: The next part of Sanchin-San will be examined in detail as a continuation from the Winter Retreat. Hand-to-hand derived from forms and kata will also be instructed, with a focus on “staying true” to the traditional approaches.

Learn from Sanchin-Ryu masters!

Top Location and Sign-up Information


April 14, 2013 and May 5, 2013


Leslie Middle School Gym 400 Kimball St. Leslie, Michigan

1:00-4:00 p.m. Doors open at 12:30

Sign-up for either both workshops or choose one:

    Both Workshops Price:
  • Individual: $35
  • Family: $70 household family
    Single Workshop Price:
  • Individual: $25
  • Family $50 household family