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August 6-9, 2009

Announcing a lower price and new location!

Over the last few months, we've searched high and low for a new home for CGM's Dojo. Olivet has been a good place for us over the years. But, the price tag that came with it was a lot to swallow for everyone! So, we went searching, here was our criteria:

  • A convenient location, close to major highways (easier for commuters)
  • Temperature controlled private workout area
  • Close to other hotels, motels or campgrounds for those that wish to save some extra $
  • Better value on sleeping arrangments
  • Accomadating staff (how about water at every workout?)
We're happy to announce that we've found the above mentioned with Causeway Bay Holtel (formerly Holiday Inn South) in Lansing, Michigan.
(Not to be confused with the northern shore of Hong Kong island)
We're also glad to announce a new price: $125 for the entire weekend or $75 p/day for those that want to come for one of the four days.

Sanchin-Ryu Chief Grand Master's Dojo. A long weekend of inspiration and advanced training led by Sanchin-Ryu's founder.

Photo floating to the rightA life enriching opportunity for every adult, from the beginning student to the most seasoned master sanchinka. This long weekend (4 days) conference is led and directed by Chief Grand Master Robert H. Dearman. A once in a lifetime opportunity for adult sanchinkas!

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If you wish to stay at Causeway Bay, group rates are good 30 days prior to the event. Sanchin Systems registration deadline is due two-weeks prior to the event. Be sure to lock in your spot as soon as possible.

Register for instruction online

If you wish to stay Causway Bay Hotel, be sure to reserve your room under "Sanchin Systems" group rate: $85 p/night

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