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Camp Summary

Five days of leadership, self-confidence and friendship

For the last 19 years, Sanchin-Ryu Camp has served as a foundation for kids to build self-esteem, learn team-building skills, and create life-long friendships. This year, is the best year to be a part of the magic. Join us as take our camp to the next level with our new location at Howell Conference and Nature Center!

Meeting space and the Tiger Kumi

Sanchin-Ryu camp at-a-glance:

The Youth Leadership SuperCamp is five fun-packed days of challenging, memory-making activities designed to enhance leadership skills in young people. Through an array of special events, Sanchin-Ryu training, and fun camp activities, SuperCampers will combine adventure with instruction resulting in a unique and unforgettable summer camp experience.

Youth Leadership Sanchin-Ryu Camp Video

Top What is a typical day like?

A balance with focus on the big picture:

Activities begin every morning with stretches and healthy activities all followed by breakfast. The rest of the day is filled with an abundance of exciting things to do. Arts & Crafts, creative team skills games, swimming, and any number of sports are just a few of the fully supervised activities that are planned. But don't forget that Sanchin-Ryu helps to train the mind as well as the body. Thus, we have planned for special times such as D.E.A.R. (Drop Everything And Read) time, and other events designed to keep the mind in motion.

Sanchin Camp is THE best way for kids to take their training to the next level!

Top Sanchin-Ryu Camp Facts

Why Should your child go to Sanchin-Ryu Camp?

  • 1 to 5 counselor to student ratio.
  • This is the 19th year of SuperCamp.
  • We've done our homework and have made this the most affordable camp of it's kind.
  • Our new location provides a wealth of activities and a natural setting.
  • All counselors are certified Senseis, many with more that a decade of camp counseling experience!
  • Campers are divided into groups of ten by age and gender called "kumis" (japanese for teams). Throughout the week each child learns to work as a team, life-long friendships are created in the process!
  • Price: $350 (includes room and board)

A natural setting with fun challenges along the way


July 28-August 1, 2013

New Location:

Howell Conference and Nature Center 1005 Triangle Lake Road, Howell, MI

A natural setting with fun challenges along the way.