July 16th, 2009

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Buy Soma Without Prescription, Exclusive preview for Sanchin-Ryu Dojo members. The third video in The art of Sanchin-Ryu DVD home training series, Soma images. Soma trusted pharmacy reviews, This DVD will be available for the first time this weekend at the 25th Annual Sanchin-Ryu Campout.

Pre-Order now The art of Sanchin-Ryu: Level 3 at the Sanchin-Ryu Supplies store, Soma pics. Soma pharmacy, Orders will ship Monday, July 20 2009

Chapters on Level 3 DVD below the video:

[flv:http://sanchinsystems.com/mastersdojo/videos/Purple_belt_ad.flv 600 380]

Chapters on Level 3 DVD:

  1. Titles/Introduction

  2. Form of Naihanchi Introduction

  3. Form of Naihanchi Section 1

  4. Sweep Step

  5. Form of Naihanchi Section 2

  6. Follow-Along

  7. Naihanchi Positioning practice

  8. Kicking from Hidden Foot practice

  9. Naihanchi Sweep Kick application study

  10. Form of Wansu Section 1

  11. Form of Wansu Section 2

  12. Form of Wansu Section 3

  13. Wansu Dump explained in great detail

  14. Cross-Over Heel Thrust application study

  15. Wansu Follow-Along

  16. Low-Cat application study

  17. Wansu Positioning Practice

  18. Introduction to Geri Form

And special Bonus material from the Sanchin-Ryu Dojo:

  1. Sweep Step with Hand-to-Hand

  2. Advanced Sweep Step combination

  3. Wansu Dump instructed by Chief Instructor Jim Cataline

  4. Wansu Dump to escape a head-lock

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