July 30th, 2009

Chief Grand Master’s Dojo ’09 Schedule released!

As we approach the eleventh Chief Grand Master’s Dojo. We thought you may want a sneak-peak at the topics Master Dearman has planned for the long-weekend. Learn more about Chief Grand Master’s Dojo here.

6:30-8:00- Introduction workout

9:00-11:00- Fundamentals & Drills
1:00-3:00- Various forms of strategy in mental kumite
4:00-6:00- Hand-to-hand / Weaponry
8:00-Midnight- “Open Dojo” workouts

9:00-11:00- Fundamentals & Drills
1:00-3:00- Form fighting
4:00-6:00- Kata kumite
8:00-Midnight- “Open Dojo” workouts

9:00-11:00- Understanding the Kata’s strategies

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