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ProSom For Sale, As the end of the year approaches (at least at the time I am writing this) most of us will reexamine our goals for the upcoming year, and make some resolutions on what is important to us.  Many times we vow to ourselves that THIS year we will train harder (and smarter) in our study of Sanchin-Ryu.  This article will examine some training methods and some equipment ideas to put that new spark into our study to help us out and make it new again.                    First off, let’s examine overall fitness and health.  Each of us have a different starting point and also goals.  Our goals and training methods should match each other.  Not all of us are training to enter into bodybuilding/figure competitions so why would we train that way?  In Sanchin-Ryu we are not concerned with big huge muscles and we have often heard Chief Grandmaster Dearman talk about this issue of “but, what if he’s REALLY big?”  If that is your goal, there is nothing wrong with that, just realize that they are two separate goals.                   DISCLAIMER:  As with any exercise program or exercises consult with your physician and get medical clearance first.  Also, if you have preexisting injuries be aware of them and don’t perform the exercises suggested if it will aggravate those injuries.   TRAINING THE WHOLE BODY:   I would do a disservice to myself if I didn’t include my choice for the number one exercise to develop us as Sanchinkas.  Sanchin-Ichi!  Sanchin-Ichi will develop so many attributes that we need, ProSom recreational, ProSom treatment, it should be trained daily.  An idea of how to include it in your physical training is to go through it the first time with a light amount of dynamic tension.  The second time, go through it at about 50% of your max ability and then the third time give it 100% of what you have.  After that, ProSom no prescription, Taking ProSom, go through it a 4th time with no tension and really focus on the breathing aspects and energy recuperation that are taught in this form.   Here are also two more exercises that will help you to use the whole body as a whole and will help condition your body for Sanchin-Ryu and using your body more efficiently and effectively.   This exercise goes by other names, but the most popular name right now is called, order ProSom no prescription, Discount ProSom, Hindu Push Ups.  This version of pushups will help with flexibility and strengthening the whole body.  It will also help with your cardiovascular health when done with higher repetitions. HINDU PUSHUP     The next exercise concentrates more on your lower body, but also helps with your overall fitness as well.  These are called, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal, What is ProSom, Hindu Squats.  I do a slight variation from what is shown in the picture.  As I bring the hands back, I pull them back the same way I do as if chambering for double shi strikes, purchase ProSom online, ProSom results, so the palms are up instead of turned down.  This exercise also helps train your Sanchin breathing and coordinating your breath with movement.  As you start the movement off, hands should be chambered at the armpit and you breathe deeply into the abdomen, ProSom pharmacy, ProSom street price, as you lower exhale your breath and then inhale as you rise up.  Your breath should have a slight pause as your hands chamber and you prepare to lower again. HINDU SQUATS OTHER PUSH UP VARIATIONS   There are MANY different ways to do standard pushups beyond the traditional ones.  Let’s examine a couple of these that will help us to train throwing more effective techniques.    Plyometric Pushup:  Start off in a traditional pushup position.  Slowly lower yourself until your chest is almost to the ground.  Pause for a second and then explode upward as fast as you can.  Your hands should come up off the ground and then you “catch” yourself and repeat the movement.  A variation of this is the “handclap pushup” in which as your hands leave the ground you clap before catching yourself. CAUTION:  Plyometrics are very exhaustive and should be used sparingly.  Also, if you have shoulder/elbow/wrist problems these may aggravate them.   Concentric Pushup:  Start off in a traditional pushup position.  Relax your muscles and let yourself “drop”.  Engage the muscles and stop yourself when your chest is almost to the ground and then slowly raise yourself back up.  This type of movement will help train you to relax on your snapback and only tighten when you need to.   Fingertip Pushup:  Do a traditional pushup except you are on your fingertips instead of the flat palm.  You can do X number of repititions and then take your pinky off of the floor and then repeat X number of times and then remove your ring finger off of the floor, buy ProSom no prescription, ProSom steet value, etc.  Also, if these are too hard to start with, cheap ProSom no rx, Herbal ProSom, stand with your body leaning against a wall and perform the pushups this way until you can do them from a traditional pushup position.   Knuckle Pushup:  Roll your hand into a Sanchin fist and place your first two knuckles on the ground and perform the pushups.  Your hands should be at armpit level.  Also, make sure that your elbows are directly at your side..  Make sure you still have a straight line with your wrist and don’t bend your wrist so the front of your fist is making contact with the ground.  We still want the emphasis on the top two knuckles and by keeping our hands under our shoulders and elbows in tight we are training and mimicking a punch more closely, after ProSom, Order ProSom online c.o.d, as opposed to copying the movement of a bench press. CAUTION:   This exercise should NOT be done by anyone under the age of 21 due to the fact that the bones in the hand are still growing and have not reached maturation.   *** Homemade equipment variation:  If you know someone who can weld, these devices are very easy to make.  Get a 5 or 6  inch section of ½ inch rebar (depending on hand size), ProSom images, Buy ProSom from mexico, get a 2nd piece of rebar 1 ½ inches in length.  Have it welded 1 ½ inches from one end.  It should look like a mini-Tonfa when it is done.     These devices are VERY challenging and will do a lot to strengthen the wrists for punching.  To use, grab the bar and have the extended piece between your first and second fingers.  Get on your hands and knees and put pressure on your hands to check and see how strong your wrists are.  Extend the legs out into pushup position, ProSom from canadian pharmacy, ProSom wiki, and then begin doing repetitions with the device.     TRAINING FOR TECHNIQUE:   Here are some ideas that cost little, but will give you a lot of skill development in performing good technique.    CANDLE PUNCHING:  Light a taper candle and have it set on an object so the flame is at solar plexus height.  Start off with throwing an ichi punch at the flame so your fist stops at about an inch from the flame.  Snapback as quickly as possible, ProSom no rx, ProSom price, your goal is to develop such a crisp snap that your technique “sucks out” the flame and causes it to extinguish. CAUTION: Children should NEVER use/play with fire without parental supervision.  Also, if you hit the candle you will have wax all over the place.  Please use common sense when attempting this drill.   WATER BOTTLE PUNCHING:  Here is another alternative to the previous drill.  Get an empty two liter bottle and fill it ¾ of the way to the top.  Leave the top off of the bottle and place the bottle so that the middle of it is located at your solar plexus.  Punch the bottle so your punch penetrates a couple of inches and then immediately snap it back.  Your goal is to get water to shoot out of the top of the bottle without causing a dent in the bottle or pushing it over or out of the way.  Again, ProSom australia, uk, us, usa, ProSom interactions, this is a drill designed to develop a good snap, or whipping type effect in your punches. CAUTION: This drill is best done outdoors since you will have water going everywhere.  Great idea for Sensei’s in their summer classes when outdoors and use the picnic tables for their students.   COTTONBALL PUNCHING:  Get a paper plate and attach a cotton ball in the center of the plate.  Attach the plate to a door (you can use a wall, buy ProSom online cod, ProSom from canada, but if you miss judge the wall isn’t going to move) and throw your techniques at it.  You can put numerous plates at varying heights for upper and lower body techniques.  Your goal is to just hit the cottonball and NOT the plate.  This drill works on your distancing and control of your techniques.   TENNISBALL PUNCHING:  Get a tennis ball (or racquetball if you’re up for more of a challenge) and a thin rope or twine.  Fasten the tennis ball to the rope and hang it from a ceiling (or branch if you want to work outside).  Strike at the ball and as it moves throw other strikes at the ball while using proper footwork and stances.  This drill will work on your accuracy and distancing as well focusing on a moving target.  Set up multiple tennis balls at various heights and locations around you and have a mini-kumite working on stances and avoidance also as the objects come back at you.   TIRE TRAINING:  Get a few old tires and put them in the yard to correspond to where you need to go in your forms.  This will help you add an obstacle and really train getting your knee up in a star step.  Also, place other objects in the area to create obstacles that need to be worked around or to work WITH, ProSom alternatives, Doses ProSom work, if we have multiple attackers so they have to work around them.   BALANCE BEAM:  Get a 2X4 about 6-8 feet in length and put bricks under it to support it and work your Sanchin-Ni and Naihanchi forms on it to make sure you are using proper stance and stance transitions.  Add other angles and start to create more patterns for your forms, or create your own patterns to follow with stances.   STRENGTH/CONDITIONING EXERCISES:   GRIP TRAINING:   These exercises will strengthen your grip as well as conditioning your hand and fingers.   TENNISBALL SQUEEZING:  Get a tennis ball and practice squeezing it as hard as you can for as long as you can, is ProSom addictive. Real brand ProSom online, This is a great training idea while sitting at redlights or stuck at the computer at work.  You can do this drill almost anywhere and anytime and it is very effective for improving your grip.  You can also buy gripping balls at the store, but the tennis ball (or racquetball) is much cheaper.   PAPER WADING:  Get a full page of a newspaper and start at the corner and work your fingers so you wad the whole page up in your hand.  Smooth it out and start over, comprar en línea ProSom, comprar ProSom baratos, ProSom pictures, as many times as you want.  Get a fresh page for your other hand.   FINGERWALKING:  Get a board (or as you work up, a light sledgehammer) and “walk” your fingers like a centipede so the board moves up from one end to the other, buy cheap ProSom, Purchase ProSom, and then walk it back down.   GRIPPING JARS:  Find a pair of jars that fit your hand.  For me, I use the containers that my protein supplement came in.  Fill the jar/container with either water/sand to a weight that challenges you, ProSom dosage, ProSom cost, but is within your skill level.  Hold the containers and go through all of your forms using stance only.  This drill, not only works your grip and forearms, where can i find ProSom online, About ProSom, it also helps train to keep the shoulders down and not raise them up, which disengages the back muscles when throwing a punch.  Remember to keep your elbows anchored to your side so it focuses on the grip and not a shoulder exercise.   WRIST ROLLER:  Get a piece of wood that is about 12 inches in length and around 1 inch in diameter.  You can use old broom handles, paint roller extenders or buy a wooden dowel from the store.  Attach a piece of rope to it and a weight and then roll the rope up and lift the weight.  Make sure your roll it up both ways (wrists curling up and wrists curling down) to get a good forearm workout.     HANDGRIPPERS:  This does require that you buy something.  There are various brands and models at Sporting Goods stores or anywhere else that sells sporting equipment.  Personally, if you have decent strength in your hands already I would suggest investing in a more challenging gripper than a store bought one.  A brand I use and would recommend is called “Captains of Crush” and starts at 100lbs to close (they go up to over 300 lbs) the gripper.   SLEDGEHAMMER TRAINING:   The sledgehammer is a very versatile piece of equipment that is fairly inexpensive to purchase and comes in various weights depending on your level.    WOODCHOPPER:  To be done outside, get an old tire and bury it half way into the ground.  Use the sledgehammer and strike the tire as if you were chopping wood.  If you have wood to be chopped, then I would do the real thing, it is great exercise and feels good to see a big stack of wood that you chopped.  This exercise will help strengthen your core muscles and also will help aid in the execution of throws, such as the one introduced in Empi-Uraken.   WRIST TURNS:  Depending on your strength level choke up on the handle to the appropriate length, the closer to the sledgehammer head the easier, the farther down the handle the harder it will be. (you can also use 4 lb hammers to start).  Hold the handle so the head of the sledgehammer is straight up in the air.  Slowly turn your hand palm down and hold it for 2-3 seconds with the hammer parallel to the floor.  Slowly raise it back up to starting position. (you can do this for a number of repetitions or alternate with the next step).  Next, slowly turn your hand palm up and hold it for 2-3 seconds with the hammer parallel to the floor.    DUMBBELL/BARBELL TRAINING:   Before we list a couple exercises, let me remind you that there are lots of articles and resources online for free to learn proper lifting technique and weightlifting routines.  As with any exercise program clear it with your doctor ahead of time.  The exercises listed here will have a direct application to your Sanchin-Ryu and were chosen to supplement other exercises already discussed to create a proper balance.  Remember, our goal is to make us better Sanchinkas and not cover models.   BENTOVER ROWS:  This exercise is great for working the back muscles directly and also the biceps which will balance out all of the chest and tricep work from the pushups.  When doing the exercise properly, you will notice that it is the same motion as when you pull a strike back to home position at belt level.  This will help us get a more powerful snapback and also trains us to throw stronger rear techniques like elbow strikes.   BARBELL DRAGS:  Instead of the traditional barbell curl, lift the barbell so it “drags” up the front of your body.  This exercise will target the biceps, and will help increase the speed and relaxation of your snapbacks.  You will notice that when you do this exercise correctly, it mimics chambering your hands for a basic shi.  Remember not to “shrug up” with the shoulders while doing this.   WAIST TURNS:  Hold a barbell, either across the back of your shoulders, or in front of your body.  Pick a lightweight that can be done with proper form for lots of repetitions.  Assume a right foot forward seisan stance and turn to your left as if your body was throwing a crossbody technique.  Return to the front and repeat with the desired number of times and then switch stances and sides.  You want to do a CONTROLLED movement with this since you are using a weight and not turn as fast as you can.  We want to develop our core muscles to help us use good technique in our crossbody movements and going fast will only increase the chance of injury and uses the momentum of the weight and not our muscles.   IRONHORSE SQUAT & PRESS:  Assume an iron horse stance and squat down while holding a barbell and shoulder level.  Make sure you maintain good stance form.  When you reach the bottom of your stance, exhale and raise your stance up as you push the weight above your head.  This movement will help you strengthen your legs and learn how to use your stance to aid in techniques.  Also, in setting in a good proper stance.  This exercise will work the deltoids (shoulder muscles) which are important in all of your upper body techniques.   BARBELL FOOT SWEEPS: Add weight to only one end of the barbell and make sure you have a very secure locking system to keep weights on the bar.  Hold one end and then “sweep” the weighted end.  Make sure the floors are appropriate so you don’t dent or scatch the surface.  This exercise is the same as shown on the Purple Belt DVD using the bo staff.  This will help you get used to the impact of a sweepstep and will help with your stance as well due to the added resistance.  It is important to use a lightweight so you still have proper technique and not try to “muscle” the movement because the weight is too heavy.   DUMBBELL SANCHIN-RYU:  Pick a very light pair of dumbbells, and slowly go through all of your Sanchin-Ryu.  Use slow controlled movements because we are controlling the weight and feeling our techniques.  Pause for a second at the end of each strike and really feel what muscles are working to support the technique and “lock” it into place.   KETTLEBELL KICKS:  If you are lucky enough to have a pair of kettlebells (you can usually buy them at sporting good stores that come in 5lbs to 25lbs.)  Take a kettlebell and place your foot through the handle.  Lift your leg and SLOWLY perform your basic ni and ku kicks.  You can also lift your leg up and down to practice your star steps.  Holding the weight will strengthen the support muscles for throwing your kicks and also force you to set in your stance to keep balance.   STRIKING OBJECTS:   I don’t think that hitting objects is something that needs to be done by everyone as part of their training routines.  But, here are a couple of items that you can use.   BODY OPPONENT BAG (aka “Bob”):  These are offered through and are a GREAT training tool.  You can go through all of your techniques on it and see the actual targets you are striking.  This item is great for training combinations from your forms, CBA’s and basics.   HEAVY BAG:  I want to put a caveat on this one because I see a lot of people “mis-using” the heavy bag in training techniques.  You should have a good solid base on the previous mentioned candle drill or cotton ball drill.  You should know WHAT your basic techniques should do and how to accomplish that before using the heavy bag.  Many people think the bag should move so they end up pushing their techniques on it to make it swing.  This will only create bad habits that will be tough to break later on.  Here are some fun drills to get more creative though.  Kitty Cat drill:  Have the heavy bag hanging so that the bottom of it is just above your knee when standing next to it.  Assume a low cat stance and practice your kicks and heel thrusts on it.  Purposely “push” the bag away and attempt to get up quickly.  Word to the wise, you better have your arm up in a protective way like we show because if you drop your hand or your eyes off the bag it will thump you pretty good!  Also, use your kitty cat stance to work yourself around the bag and keep mobile while on the ground with your kicks. Stance Checker drill:  Assume a stance and push the bag away and let it hit you.  Check how set your stance is, and if it moves you how quickly did you regain a good solid stance. Star Step drill:  Push the bag away and time your star step to meet it before it starts to swing up to you.  Set into a good stance or even try pulling an angle.  This will help you get used to contact and setting forward if your opponent is moving in on you or if you just countered a kick coming to your center. Wansu Dump Drill:  Have the bag hang so it is at waist level.  Star step into it just like you would for the dump in Wansu to practice getting low and getting your stance under your opponent’s center.  When you hip strike as you would in the dump, the bag will “pop up” which is what your opponent’s center and stance will do before dumping them. Stance Work drill: Swing the bag and use your stances and footwork to work around the bag to stay close, change angles or pretend that you are moving past to a different opponent   All of the ideas in this article are aimed at improving techniques and our skills as a Sanchinka.  These are meant to be supplementary training for the work we do on our actual techniques and study of Sanchin-Ryu.  There is no replacement for the actual training that we do at home doing repetitions of forms, CBA’s and basics, or the breakdown and in-depth study time of those physical workouts.   There are many more exercises and drills out there, GET CREATIVE!!  Chief Grandmaster Dearman always talks about using trees as opponents in his own personal workouts, try out that idea for your own study.  The important thing is to find drills that YOU like to do and that help you out with your study.  What works for you, may not work for somebody else to motivate them.  Let me know how you like these ideas and how you have incorporated them into your own study.  Also, if you have other favorites that you like to do, list them in the comments section for other people to try out.  . 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